My services

As a recovering journalist, my specialty naturally is media consulting for the space industry. This means contract writing of all sorts, including speechwriting, conference and interview preparation, crisis communications, messaging and strategy. I’m sensitive to the industry’s fault lines, having carefully straddled them for more than a decade as the author of the weekly editorials at SpaceNews. These days I can play on either side of an issue — as long as there’s a reasonable argument to be made. Having said that, I’m not too far removed from the news business to know how companies are perceived in the media, particularly in the trades, and to serve as a sounding board for outreach initiatives and press engagements.

I’m also available for analytical (qualitative — remember, I’m a recovering journalist) and advisory services.¬†I offer a keen sense of the political winds in Washington; an ability to spot trends; an understanding of the push and pull between technology, politics and policy; and am well versed in both sides of the budgeting process. Since leaving SpaceNews I’ve participated in market research and policy studies and performed competitive intelligence in support of bid proposals, drawing on my knowledge of the competitive landscape and the strengths and weaknesses of the players.